10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Lemon

Treats scurvy

Scurvy is caused by the shortage of vitamin C and its symptoms include feeling weary, painful legs and arms, weakness, gum disease and reduced red blood cells.

Good for your teeth

Lemons may be utilised for the cleaning of your teeth. You may get rid of the toothache by rubbing lemon juice on the afflicted region.

Lowers the risk of stroke

Citrus fruits many lessen the risk of ischemic strokes in women, as per the American Heart Association. 

Fights constipation and indigestion

Lemon is a wonderful home treatment to cleanse your bowels. It is also a great cure for constipation and indigestion.

Good for your skin

Lemon juice will diminish wrinkles, heal skin damage, and enhance the skin's texture.

Fights cancer

The 22 anti-cancer compounds included in lemon have the potential to block or inhibit the formation of malignant cells.

Relieves respiratory disorders

Lemon may alleviate breathing difficulties and respiratory illnesses. Moreover, it lessens the likelihood of acquiring asthma.

Controls high blood pressure

This little fruit is also good in reducing hypertension, nausea, and dizziness.

Improves absorption of iron

Lemon can assist boost your body's iron absorption. Simply combine an iron-rich dish with lemon juice.

Aids in weight loss

Lemon with warm water is one of the most effective weight loss home treatments.

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