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Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Fall in Love


Pisces are the most intuitive and sensitive signs of the zodiac, and because of this, Lauren Ash, a well-known astrologer, warns that they "may become easily overwhelmed by their emotions."

However, in long-term relationships, the mutable water signs can still be wonderful mates.


Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, is one of the zodiac's most sensuous and amorous signs. However, as Taurus is the fixed earth sign, don't anticipate it to initiate romantic relations.

A Taurus "will often select a long courtship with the object of their heart," according to Ash.


Sagittarius placements adore loud and large, if you can convince them to commit. 

This sign, known for being intrepid and fiery, "is more likely to have numerous love adventures at once rather than a single soulmate,


Scorpios are one of the most seductive and self-assured signs when it comes to romance.

They are alluring, passionate, and devoted after all. Scorpios are the fixed water sign, thus they know exactly how to flatter and impress their date.

Geminis are social butterflies that are renowned for their dual nature and charisma. They frequently juggle several friend circles, side businesses, interests, and perhaps even relationships. 



Since Virgos are notorious for being fussy and having high standards for love, they are often harsh on their relationships. Additionally, they sometimes turn against themselves. 

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