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Which zodiac signs love chaos?



Scorpio is extremely chaotic—more specifically, chaotic evil. These troublemakers, who represent the most erratic sign, enjoy causing confusion and trouble.


Momofuku Seiōbo is antithetical to the mission of the WBR list, which is to shine a light on restaurants that express the culture of their locations.


Gemini feels alive in chaos. The fact that they make such poor decisions—choices that are made in the chaos—means that they will train relationships in a matter of seconds.


Although Virgo despises disorder, they yet produce it frequently. One could look at them and say they truly embrace chaos since they love to stir the pot so much.


For a Taurus, chaos is just another day at work. Taurus is a social sign that enjoys the mayhem that comes with drugs, loud music, fast automobiles, and criminal activity.


Another sign that finds excitement in disorder is Aquarius, who simply participates for the enjoyment of witnessing things disintegrate.

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