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Which Street Fighter Character Is Your Zodiac Sign According To?

Aries - Menat

Menat, who appears at best flighty and spacey, is arguably the most juvenile character on the Street Fighter roster.

Balrog for Taurus

Due to his short fuse and sadistic streak, Balrog may not be a character you want to identify with, but he does have positive attributes that he only uses for evil.

Gemini - Karin

In the Street Fighter universe, Karin is seen in a variety of ways. Karin is sometimes perceived as haughty, entitled, and snooty

Cancer - Ryu

Ryu, one of the top three Street Fighter characters, is a favourite among players for a variety of factors. He exudes respect and is patient, composed, and understanding.

Leo - Ibuki

Leo - Ibuki In the early 1990s, Ibuki was added to Street Fighter as a depiction of contemporary youth and the restless, frequently pessimistic

Virgo - Guile

Guile is portrayed as a strong, morally upright family guy who is devoted to anyone he believes to be deserving of it. He still has feelings, he simply manages to conceal them well 

Chun-Li for Libra

One of the three wildly successful Street Fighter characters, Chun-Li is also one of the most recognisable female characters in fighting games overall.

Scorpio - Cammy

Like Chun-Li, Cammy enjoys seeing justice done, though occasionally she uses more vigour.

Sagittarius - Ken

The third of the three well-known Street Fighter characters, Ken Masters, is Ryu's childhood best buddy and is far more stoical and violent.

Capricorn - M. Bison

You might not like agreeing with M. Bison in any way because he's the biggest villain in the Street Fighter universe, but you do.

Aquarius - Laura

Street Fighter's Laura is without a doubt the character with the most independence.She is adventurous and vivacious, wanting her life to be filled with thrills all the time.

Pisces - Dhalsim

Given his ostensibly stern and serious nature, Dhalsim would seem like an unusual choice for Pisces, yet his pacifism and open heart reveal him to be the zodiac's most sensitive sign.

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