Walmart Is Closing Multiple Locations, Starting Feb. 17

You're not the only one who shops for groceries once a week at Walmart. A single Walmart Supercenter in the United States sees an average of 10,000 customers per day

The store is a mainstay in the neighbourhood, and thanks to its consistently low prices, it's a go-to place to lessen the impact of inflation. But is your neighbourhood Walmart still relevant today? 

The business recently disclosed that it will close several locations beginning on February 17. Find out which Walmart stores will be closing in the upcoming weeks by reading on.

The Chicago area will lose three stores.

According to CBS Chicago, three Walmart locations will be closing in the Chicago area, with the first one closing on Friday.

Local customers are concerned.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, local Walmart customers are upset about the closures and are especially upset about the Homewood location, which is "always busy."

A Walmart store is closing in New Mexico as well.

According to a Walmart spokesperson, the San Mateo Boulevard location will also close on Friday, March 10.

A store in Wisconsin is also closing.

Similar justification for the closure was given by a Walmart spokesperson, who said that it is a result of a review process

and that the company is "grateful to the customers who have allowed us the privilege of serving them at our West Silver Spring Drive location."

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