Visit These 12 Incredible Charming Small Towns In America.


Start the year year right with a tranquil mountain hideaway in lovely Greer. The Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins is the ideal location to indulge while taking in the serene, snow-covered scenery.


Why not commemorate Arizona's statehood on Valentine's Day in 1912 by travelling to a community that served as a significant hub for one of the most important sectors of the state's economy? 


It's finally springtime! It's time to go searching for wildflowers, and Williams in Arizona boasts some of the greatest. 


Grand Falls, one of our state's most amazing natural wonders, is found in the hamlet of Leupp on the Navajo Nation close to Flagstaff. Snowmelt supplies the water for this magnificent waterfall


Since Cinco de Mayo only occurs once a year, go all out and eat some of the greatest Mexican food Arizona has to offer.


Visit Red Rock Lavender, a Concho vineyard and lavender farm, and say "hi" to summer. Every June, they hold their annual lavender festival, which is a must-attend occasion.


Arizona summers are no joke, so finding strategies to stay cool is crucial. One such location is the lovely waterfall hiking trail at Fossil Creek Falls in Pine.


Only approximately 40 people live permanently in Summerhaven, which is perched on Mt. Lemmon. Although it is only 30 miles north of Tucson, the town can be up to 30 degrees cooler

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