Top 10 Most Popular Drinks In USA

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10 Diet Coke

It was first made available in the USA in 1983.

9 Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, which was first sold in the United States in 1948, seems to be aimed at 17-year-olds who are prone to accidents.

8 Dr Pepper

It was discovered in 1885. Dr. Pepper has a very distinctive flavour that appeals to its devoted patrons.

7 Sprite

The Coca-Cola Company beverage, which 7 Up competes with, was initially sponsored heavily as an alcoholic drink mixer.

6 Diet Pepsi

Before Diet Coke, Pepsi is recognised as the third major diet cola that was introduced in 1964.

5 Fanta

Fanta was the second product produced by the Coca-Cola Company and was initially released in Germany.

4 Beer

In 2012, Americans consumed about 20.8 gallons of alcoholic beverages.

3 Pepsi-Cola

It is initially introduced under the much less appetising name "Brad's Drink," and throughout its existence, it has undergone numerous renewals.

2 Coca-Cola

With a 17% market share, the beverage outsells both Pepsi and Mountain Dew combined, and 94% of people worldwide appear to be aware of it.

1 Diet Mountain Dew

one Mountain Dew appeals to young people. Sales have always emphasised young, typically male, daredevil looks. In 1988, it came to light.

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