Tom Brady's response to Patrick Mahomes' parade behaviour is appropriate

Patrick Mahomes' actions at this week's Kansas City Chiefs championship parade drew a suitable response from Tom Brady.

After defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated with a parade on Wednesday. Mahomes brought some nice accessories and appeared to be having fun.

While posing for pictures with fans, the Chiefs' star quarterback was observed chugging beverages and even leaving the Lombardi Trophy behind. 

Mahomes appeared to be a little wasted, which prompted Brady's amusing retort.

Brady made a joke, "Looks like proper parade behaviour to me."

In his tweet, Brady made reference to his actions at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers parade two years prior, before he retired.

Brady had to be restrained because he was so inebriated during the Bucs' parade (video here).Brady's witty response to his own actions. That one he won't ever let go.

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