Tom Brady has chosen his top four quarterbacks for the next generation.

All the upcoming quarterbacks are vying for Tom Brady's position now that he has retired. The veteran has now named his top four young players who could soon be in charge of the NFL.

Being one of the all-time great players in NFL history, Tom Brady is well-versed in spotting up-and-coming talent.

The great has identified his top four quarterbacks for the upcoming generation since his retirement.

There are many excellent players in each age, but only a select few may join the elite. Tom Brady undoubtedly belongs to this group. 

He received seven Super Bowl rings, and he achieved many more goals that may seem out of reach for anyone.

But, with the former Patriots and Buccaneers player retiring, there is now room for up-and-coming quarterbacks to contend with Brady for the position.

Tom Brady lists his favourite quarterbacks of the next generation.

The NFL has entered a new age. Despite Tom Brady's retirement, his legacy will endure forever. He is one of the league's all-time best quarterbacks,

but now is the time for the new players to try to outperform him.Brady is fully aware that he might be replaced shortly by someone else.

The former quarterback has named his top candidates for the job, stating that they have the immense skill to advance the NFL.

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