This Amazing Trick Will Permanently Prevent Mice

Naturally, peppermint has a potent aroma that mice find repulsive. Victor Pest claims that the extremely potent menthol compounds in peppermint irritate their nasal cavities.

Peppermint is definitely effective at keeping them at bay. By the way, these top mouse deterrents work just as well.

Peppermint Plants to Grow for Mice.

The first step is to raise peppermint plants and scatter them throughout the house.

They are initially deterred from entering or wandering around by the smell. Additionally, you can occasionally harvest this peppermint to season your preferred dishes!

Spray Peppermint Oil for Mice

You might prefer using peppermint oil if you don't want a house full of peppermint plants. Spritz the essential oil in various rooms of your house where mice can get in.

Place the peppermint oil strategically in areas without mousetraps if you're trying to catch mice. Theoretically, this ought to direct them to the location where you've put it.

Using the essential oil should be done with caution if you have pets or young children. For them, many essential oils may be toxic.

Do your best to prevent them from entering the areas where you have sprayed the oil, and keep the bottle out of their reach at all times.

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