The Zodiac Sign That's Always Late

6 Leo

Because of their high levels of ambition, Leos frequently overbook themselves without realising how much they have on their plate.

However, because they are well-liked, their loved ones usually don't mind if they arrive late to events.

5 Cancer

Without a doubt, this water sign tries very hard to be punctual but frequently fails because it becomes easily overwhelmed.

"The thought of being on time stresses them out. They make an effort, but they typically become stressed out about their appearance and work.

4 Aries

If you looked at an Aries' calendar, you'd be surprised at how much is going on all the time. They consistently schedule a work lunch or a fitness class, but they never seem to arrive on time.

3 Sagittarius

This sign struggles to manage their time because of their laid-back and free-spirited nature. They don't place a high priority on planned events.

2 Gemini

Geminis are multi-taskers who love to mingle with people. They are constantly moving, whether it's pursuing their side business or making time for their friends and family.

1 Aquarius

He is running late for his business appointment because he is a stressed-out, anxious businessman.

When it comes to significant occasions like their sister's birthday or their partner's workplace party, they frequently arrive hours late.

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