The Snarkiest Zodiac Sign

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You might be surprised to see the social butterflies of the zodiac on this list, but Geminis are prone to snarkiness given how much talking they do.


The sign of Sagittarius is most likely to make an embarrassing gaffe, and occasionally they come off as snarky. 

Frequently, it's because these fiercely assertive individuals "speak their truth regardless of the situation or circumstances


Because of their intense work ethic, Capricorns are known to "judge themselves and others on success."

You'll undoubtedly feel their tongue's cutting edge if you get in their way. They may be so intently focused on their own success that they fail to consider the feelings of others.


Aquarians are a mysterious and intriguing group who are frequently regarded as the zodiac's most esoteric individuals, according to Clare.

They become quite eccentric as a result and become mired in their own little world. Because of this, they may find it extremely difficult to understand the thoughts of others.


When their carefully laid plans don't work out, the zodiac's perfectionists struggle, and their response is frequently a snide remark. they have a "hyper-critical nature"


Scorpios are also known for being the most sarcastic sign, but they have a dark sense of humour that can quickly turn a joke from lighthearted to aggressive.

Scorpios are good at reading people and can make you cry with just a few well-placed words.

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