The Most Talkative Zodiac Sign


Although Taureans are recognised more for their ability to observe than for their ability to converse at a rapid pace, their in-depth knowledge of almost any subject is the result of their thoughtful deliberation.

They become terrific conversationalists because to their keen observational skills and wide-ranging curiosity about the physical world.


Capricorns have a stellar reputation for their diligence and success in life. Their high levels of motivation lead them to encourage others to follow suit.

You can count on a Capricorn friend or coworker to provide you advice on anything from what to stock your pantry with to how to effectively approach your friendships.


According to the Leung twins, they are "spontaneous, candid, and open but also self-centered and willful," despite their seeming purity.

They don't aim to steal the spotlight as some other signs do, but they do think they deserve it.


Lee argues that these well-traveled signs are "happy and upbeat" by nature, and that they are constantly on the lookout for new friends with whom to share their stories.

On the other hand, Sags' lives aren't without their share of difficulties. Astrologer Ryan Marquardt, located in Hollywood, refers to them as "the philosophers of the zodiac."


They are "extremely excellent communicators," as described by Marquardt, since Mercury, the planet of communication, "operates at its greatest form" in Aquarius.

They have firm convictions that they feel compelled to spread to everybody who will listen, regardless of whether or not they share.


These outgoing people really shine when they're able to wow others with their daring deeds.

They'll go on a trip (or a date) only for the experience and the bragging rights it brings home. According to Marquardt, "Gemini are great communicators since Mercury is their governing planet."

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