The Most Spiteful Zodiac Sign


This water sign both attracts and repels people. Since they are so absorbed in their own lives and the lives of those around them, Pisces are described as "emotional magnets."


Cancers are renowned for concealing themselves behind their hard, shell-like covering. If the zodiac crabs "let you into their hearts, take care not to hurt them 

Even though they may try to hide their true emotions, they will harbour resentment and act out in passive-aggressive ways.


When feeling vindictive, Virgos analyse everything and hesitate to speak, which makes the hurt even worse.

Fortunately, they'll stop looking for revenge as soon as you give them the impression that they are in control once more.


Leos may appear tough, but if they feel attacked, their ego can easily bruise.

They are known to be immature and have temper tantrums, and they will use any means necessary to avoid giving up without a fight, including engaging in any kind of spiteful behaviour.


Because Libras are so obsessed with finding harmony in everything they do, they'll go to any lengths to make amends. "Firm believers in the eye for an eye to rebalance the scales," they say.

In an effort to create a balanced world around them, Libras frequently pursue careers as diplomats or lawyers. When they are wronged, they won't yell or fight back.


Scorpios hide their sensitivity and have a propensity for acting hastily and without careful consideration.

The "sting in their tail" enables them to deliver the ideal rejoinder or spiteful slight that will leave you speechless and wondering where it came from.

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