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The luckiest day of the year for each zodiac sign


June 3rd is the luckiest day.Your ninth house, which is all about luck, is ruled by Sagittarius.


June 11th is the luckiest day.
Pluto's final year in Capricorn during your lifetime implies that certain major themes will come to a close this year.


January 21 is a lucky day for Gemini
Your focus on success will be the Aquarius New Moon at the beginning of the month.


Luckiest Day: March 7th
Saturn is a planet you do not always want in certain aspects of your life, but in Pisces, you will feel where you need to be.


Luckiest Day: April 20th
Aries energy always rules the luckiest part of your life, so as the Solar Eclipse occurs here this year, expect massive things. 


Lucky Day for Virgos: October 28

You may pay attention to the outside world so intently that you fail to notice when something occurs inside of you.


Lucky Day for Libra: January 12thMars, the planet of initiative and aspiration, makes its direct turn within your luck sector at the beginning of the year.


Most fortunate Day: July 17The mid-year New Moon in Cancer will signify a time for you to plant the seeds of what you have come to realise is most crucial in your life.

Luckiest Day: May 20th
You are the eternal roamer, always searching those far-off horizons for new adventures. 



July 10th is the luckiest day.You typically move more slowly when taking action.


October 14th is the luckiest day.
With a New Moon Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire, the largest eclipse of the year took place.


May 5th is the luckiest day.Your luck is enhanced by the lunar eclipse in Scorpio that occurs in May.

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