The 8 Wealthiest American Cities

8. Dallas (tie)

Numerous multimillionaires reside in Dallas, one of three Texas cities to appear on the list of the world's richest cities. 

8. Dallas (tie)

According to the Henley Global Citizens Report, it also boasts numerous "centimillionaires" (those worth more than $100 million) and a small number of billionaires.

7. Fort Worth, Texas (tie)

The survey classifies Dallas and Fort Worth as the 18th wealthiest city in the world even though they don't quite belong together despite having a shared airport.

6. Houston

We haven’t left Texas yet, and we’ve jumped straight into the top 10 wealthiest cities in the world. On our list here, Houston is No. 6 wealthiest among American cities,


6. Houston

More than 132,000 of its residents have investable assets of at least $1 million, and about 6,600 of these HNWIs are multimillionaires.

5. Chicago

The seventh wealthiest city in the world, The Windy City, is the source of many windfalls. 7,400 of the more than 160,000 millionaires (HNWIs) that reside here are multimillionaires.

4. Los Angeles (tie)

The sixth wealthiest city in the world is Los Angeles, which the Henley Global Citizens Report matches with the next city on our list.

4. Los Angeles (tie)

The report's descriptions of each city state that it includes affluent people from one of the nation's most well-known ZIP codes: 90210.


3. California's Malibu 

The report also connects the Los Angeles region with Malibu, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. Over 192,000 HNWIs, including 34 billionaires and about 8,600 multimillionaires

2. San Francisco (Bay Area)

It’s no surprise San Francisco is No. 2 on this list and No. 3 in the world — the area cited in the report includes all the wealth of Silicon Valley too.

San Francisco

There are more than 276,000 HNWIs with assets over $1 million residing in this area. More than 600 of them are worth $100 million or more, and 62 of those folks are billionaires.

1. New York City

The largest amount of money in the world is found in the Big Apple. With more than 345,000 residents earning $1 million or more,

 New York City

New York Metropolis surpasses Tokyo as the wealthiest city in the world, including 737 centimillionaires and 59 billionaires.

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