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The 8 fastest-growing jobs in the United State

8. Manager of growth marketing

According to the report, this position has a remote work availability of roughly 48 percent, making it a desirable position for people who prefer working from home.

Along with San Francisco and Los Angeles, New York City is one of the top cities for recruiting in this position.The pay range for this position is $60,000 to $132,000

7. Advanced practice provider

Staffing shortages have had a significant negative impact on the healthcare sector since nurses in particular are feeling burned out. Some have ultimately given up.

The position of advanced practise provider in the healthcare sector is one that is rapidly expanding even as the sector struggles with retention and hiring problems.

6. A sales enablement professional

Sales enablement specialist, with a salary range of $50,000 to $157,000, is one sales position that has grown over the past five years.

5. Employee experience manager

 An highly competitive labour market has resulted from individuals quitting and changing employment at historic rates since early 2021. 

Companies need to consider how they can retain people as well as recruit in the upcoming year because workers are looking to quit their employers for a variety of reasons.

4. Truck driver

Different types of managers are among the top-growing professions, but truck driver is ranked No. 4 in this list.

The epidemic has a strong focus on logistics, supply chains, and transportation, according to McCaskill.Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers made an average of $48,310 per year.

3. Diversity and inclusion manager

In order to ensure that every employee has an inclusive and universal experience, DEI work has become even more crucial, according to McCaskill.

 "Workers have many options, and they prefer to work for companies where they feel appreciated."The pay scale is between $60,000 and $145,000.

2. Manager of human resources analytics

Between January 2018 and July 2022, the human resources analytics manager had tremendous growth, increasing by over 60%. 

all HR-related metrics and statistics within a firm, including information on employee demographics, job performance, and turnover.$41,600 to $122,000 is the wage range.

1. The revenue operations head

Head of revenue operations was the position with the highest rate of growth this year, according to McCaskill, which is a definite sign that "money counts."

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