The 7 Male Personality Types Which One perfectly describes You?

Alpha Male

Examples of alpha males include a successful CEO, a star athlete, or a charismatic politician
Ideal match: beta female.

Beta Male

Educators, social workers, and sensitive artists are a few examples.
Ideal match: alpha female.

Delta Male

Examples include a corporate manager, a lawyer, or a financial analyst.
Ideal match: gamma female.

Gamma Male

A painter, a musician, or a writer are some examples.
Ideal match: delta female 

Omega Male

Examples: None given.Ideal pairing: not mentioned.Omega guys are the most chill dudes because they are reserved and laid back.

Sigma Male

Examples include a small business owner or a freelance artist.Ideal pairing: not mentioned.The male sigma is a little bit mysterious. They are an alpha male who is calm and reserved,

Zeta Male

Examples include an engineer, a scientist, or a programmer.
Ideal match: alpha female

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