Punishment Could Be Shortly For Tom Brady's Dirty Move

Tom Brady might have interfered with Malik Hooker during the third quarter of the Buccaneers-Cowboys game.

Brady attempted to slip into Hooker's ankle as he was recovering a fumble. This play's video clip quickly became popular on Twitter.

Brady didn't receive a penalty for this play on the field, but Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk believes the league may still reprimand the seasoned quarterback.

After all, many people are debating Brady's dubious slide tackle on social media.According to ProFootballTalk, Florio stated the following

Brady has a history of sliding while brandishing his sneaker. He received a $10,000 punishment for kicking Ravens safety Ed Reed in the crotch ten years ago.

Brady has since carried out identical actions without issue. He ought to be penalised for this without a doubt. 

He should also receive criticism for his outburst of fury at not getting his way.Nobody has questioned Brady about this drop as of yet.

We'll see whether Brady receives a fine from the NFL for this play.

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