NFL Agent: Veteran Quarterback Left Team

An unknown NFL agent provided The Athletic with a comment that is currently trending on Twitter.

The Falcons' coaching staff decided to bench the seasoned Mariota in early December for performance-based reasons. 

After having knee surgery, Mariota would be placed on injured reserve, but there was reportedly more to the story than first appeared.

The opinions expressed by the unnamed agent might affect Mariota's standing heading into the summer.

The former Tennessee Titan is rumoured to be looking for a new team after the season, but no team wants to sign a guy that will ruin the locker room.

When he said: "I think Mariota quit on the Falcons and it was unjust to a rookie like Desmond Ridder, who was there for Mariota to that point in the season," 

All that counts to Ridder is for the Falcons to finish the year strong, as he said after his first NFL victory.

Mariota chose not to attend any more Falcons games, seemingly offended by the team's choice to bench him in favour of a rookie.

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