NFL World React To Tom Brady's Dating Decision

As a result of his retirement from the NFL, Tom Brady now has a lot more free time.

Yet according to reports, the 45-year-old quarterback has made the decision to stay single.

"No, he isn't currently formally dating anyone. He's all about the kids, even though his friends are trying to set him up," a source told Page Six.

Brady is now single and maintains a very discreet personal life.Unmarried women everywhere are undoubtedly dissatisfied.

Nevertheless, not everyone is holding Brady responsible for his choice. Many people actually value it.

One fan commented, "If I were rich and attractive, I would say the same thing."

"anything serves him well! Who are we to criticise his choices? I wish him well and sincerely hope that, like everything else he has done, he succeeds in becoming that amazing father.

He appears to have it all and cares what we all think of him! I'm sending him and his kids my love and best wishes "fan added, one.

"Very sad! Everything was yours last season. You totally lost it! "a follower wrote.

"He has ALWAYS chased after famous people. His next girlfriend will undoubtedly be well-known. Yet, he might decide to remain single. In the mirror, he can see his first love "a follower wrote.

What do you think about Brady's choice?

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