NFL Quarterback Reportedly Told Coaches He Shouldn't Start

Multiple stories made the rounds earlier on Wednesday morning that the Washington Commanders were benching starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

According to early rumours, Taylor Heinicke might start Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. But it seems that the Commanders' original plans have been altered.

Sam Howell will start at quarterback on Sunday, according to the team. 

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN said that Heinicke's suggestion to the coaching staff was what ultimately led to the decision to start the rookie quarterback.

"Late this morning, according to sources, the consensus over who quarterback will start for Washington changed from Taylor Heinicke to Sam Howell.

Coaches were informed by Heinicke that he was expected to start and that he felt Howell deserved to play the entire game "Fowler announced.

Few NFL quarterbacks, especially those vying for the starting position, would pass up the chance to show off their skills on the field.

Heinicke, who is a genuine team player, preferred to let the rookie get his practise time.

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