NFL Fans Are Stunned By Monday's Derek Carr

Following the conclusion of the Las Vegas Raiders' regular season, it had looked inevitable that Derek Carr would leave the organisation.

Carr bid his teammates on the Raiders adieu and presented them with a parting gift. Media personalities like Colin Cowherd had advanced to speculating about Carr's team for 2023.

But all has come to an end as a result of Monday's revelation from Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer. The organisation hasn't yet given Carr authorization to request a trade, according to Breer.

As of now, according to what Breer has learned, the Raiders have not given Carr's camp permission to pursue a trade.

"There is the concept that clubs that are interested in him should just wait for Las Vegas to cut him," 

Breer said after stating that teams would absorb Carr's full salary if they acquired him before February 15th.

In the end, it appears that this modification is motivated by financial considerations. Naturally, it makes only sense that Las Vegas and Carr would part ways after the disappointing 2022 campaign. 

However, if teams can have Carr as their starting quarterback for the upcoming season at a lower cost, they will.

Breer brought up the important point that other quarterbacks in the league might be more affordable than Carr's $32.9 million salary for the upcoming season.

 He mentioned Daniel Jones, Geno Smith, Baker Mayfield, and Jimmy Garoppolo as potential quarterbacks.

If so, then it is understandable that teams would want to wait until Carr becomes a free agent.

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