Most Snootiest Zodiac Sign


Virgo Although they aren't always the most snobbish of signs, Virgos are known for being strict taskmasters. Their particular behaviour lands them at number six on the list.


Like Virgos, Aries aren't afraid to express their very specific needs and desires. Particularly in some social situations, their constant need for instant gratification can be grating.


You might be surprised that Aquarius made the list if you know this free-spirited sign. However, their hipster outlook frequently results in mansplaining of epic proportions.


Although it is well known that Libras are endearing, they can also have additional traits that make them appear pretentious, especially to those they don't know well.


Scorpios have a tendency to come off as arrogant due to their single-minded intensity. These people who are naturally in charge want things to always go their way.


Capricorn, "the celestial goat," is the snootiest sign of the zodiac. They believe they deserve the best because they work so hard to earn it.

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