Most Popular Zodiac Sign

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Capricorns are devoted friends and coworkers despite their intense attention and propensity to be more goal-oriented. 

These earth signs have strong connections and are constantly willing to go above and beyond for those around them.


Due to their forbidding personality and obsession with perfection, it might seem like Virgos wouldn't be a popular sign, yet the reverse is really true.


Gemini is the biggest flirt and social butterfly of the zodiac, so it should come as no surprise that it's also a relatively well-liked sign.


Sagittarius people are outgoing, daring, and eager to experience new things.


The sun rules Leos, and this comes through in their tendency to be self-centered. These fire signs actually like being with people, despite occasionally being labelled as being all about themself.


The most well-known sign of the zodiac is Libra, who is oh-so-social and exudes cheerfulness and charm.

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