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Most Nastiest Zodiac Sign


Geminis are renowned for having two personalities, and while one is outgoing and friendly, the other side can be quite intense.

They occasionally have Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moments because of their contradictory natures because, as astrologer Jetta cautions, "they can suddenly flip in a flash of anger."


Cancers are challenging. If this emotional sign feels that you have wronged them, you need to be careful because they know how to hold a grudge.

Jetta cautions that Cancers "can sometimes snap at people when they get into one of their moods" and that when they are upset or angry, they will close down and put their shells on or walls up.


Because they are often preoccupied with thought or lecturing while not listening, Aquarians can occasionally come off as cold and distant.

Because of their detached nature and in particular because "they can frequently be out of touch with the impact their actions have on others,"


Virgos are analytical perfectionists who frequently judge both themselves and others based on their analysis. This negative side, according to Jetta

can make them "even harsher towards others, especially as a projection of their own self-loathing." Watch out for a "embittered Virgo, who can be exceedingly vitriolic," Jetta cautions.


aries "can be brutal, hurtful, and very nasty." But if an Aries and you get into a fight, just know that it won't last long and they'll probably feel bad about it later. 

She claims that Aries is less likely to harbour resentments than other signs. So don't be surprised if they part ways after a heated argument.


Since they also use their powers of perception to pinpoint issues at their root, Scorpio frequently suffers from an unfair misperception due to their intimidating scorpion persona

"Scorpio feels like a fighter against evil whose purpose is to eradicate it,"

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