McDonald's president to pay fast-food workers $22 an hour is 'costly and job-destroying'

The FAST Recovery Act might increase the minimum wage for fast food employees in California to $22 per hour.

A referendum vote will take place in November 2024 thanks to a group led by restaurants like McDonald's.

In an open letter this week, a senior McDonald's executive criticised lawmakers for approving the law.

The president of McDonald's USA threw shade at California lawmakers for passing a fast-food law that he said would make it 


"all but impossible to run small business restaurants" in the state, Joe Erlinger said in a January 25 open letter. 

Franchisees manage the vast majority of McDonald's 14,000+ restaurants in the US, with hundreds of locations in California.

"California continually seeking for ways to raise costs, oust more businesses, and ruin growth through bad policy and terrible politics," read the open letter.

 the most recent year for which a complete remuneration history is available, Erlinger received a salary, stock options, and other compensation totaling nearly $7.4 million from McDonald's.

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