Man left his dog chained up at the airport in Iowa while he boarded a flight.

1 Missing Carrier Grounds Dog

According to Charles, his girlfriend booked his travel online. She had purchased the dog's transportation for $50.

 He didn't know, though, that he could only bring the animal on board in a carrier, which was a key fact. 

2 "I Didn't Want to Leave Her"

Charles claimed that despite his request, the driver who transported him to the airport was unable to take care of the dog. 

Charles tied the dog up outdoors after being informed by airport staff that he couldn't leave the dog inside. 

3 Charges Are Awaiting

Airport staff members reported the stray dog to Animal Rescue League of Iowa, which dispatched an animal control officer to rescue the puppy. 

4. puppies are soon available for adoption.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is currently taking care of the puppy, who goes by the name of Stella. According to Updegrove, she is doing fine. 

5 Girlfriend Isn't Pleased

Charles will have to pay a fine if he enters a guilty plea to the charges. He will probably go to trial if he enters a not guilty plea. 

"He understands he made the wrong decision," Charles told The Daily Mail. His girlfriend, he claimed, isn't content.

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