Love Language Of  Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Words of Affirmation

Aries people don't hold back when they are in love.

Taurus: Giving Gifts

There is a hidden, sweet side to Taurus, an earth sign that is sometimes stereotyped as being a little stubborn in their love lives.

Gemini: Words of Affirmation

Geminis who are overly social frequently exhibit an air of playfulness and curiosity in relationships.

Cancer: Acts of Service

When dating someone for the first time, cancers often bury their deeper feelings.

Leo: Quality Time

Extroverted Love is no exception to the rule that Leos like to do everything big in life.

Virgo: Physical Touch

Although Virgos have a reputation for being the rigid, perfectionist sign of the zodiac, when it comes to your romantic relationships, you are much more open.

Libra: Giving Gifts

Ruled by naive Venus is the planet of love. Close relationships are ideal for Libras, and you can express your love by being dependable and respectful.

Scorpio: Touching Physical

Although you give off the impression of being reserved and enigmatic, Scorpio, you are an emotional water sign with a soft side.

Sagittarius: Quality Time

Sagittarius is less conventional than the majority when it comes to relationships.

Capricorn: Acts of Service

Capricorns show their love by standing by their partners.

Aquarius: Quality TimeNetflix

Aquarius may not appear to be the most romantic sign, but that's only because you have your own unique way of doing things.

Pisces: Words of Affirmation

One of the zodiac's most romantic signs is Pisces.

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