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Jeremy Renner: discharged from the hospital, but with very serious news

Discharged and at home

After suffering severe injuries in a snow plough accident, Jeremy Renner has been released from the hospital. After spending 16 days in the hospital

A very serious accident with a snowplow

He had been trying to remove snow around his house in Lake Tahoe when the accident happened.

14,330 pounds on top of his chest

On top of Jeremy Renner, a Kässbohrer PistenBully snowplough collided. The equipment weights about 14,330 pounds

Bad news about his recovery

The joyful news of his release from the hospital is followed with a depressing conclusion: even if he does recover entirely, it might take years.

The damage is enormous

 They affirmed that there is no decent chance of recovery. It will take a long time for Jeremy Renner's recovery to progress, and it will be extremely slowly.

"He almost died out there"

"Nobody is aware of how much worse it is. Jeremy is well aware that he nearly perished there, "they draw attention to on "Radar Online."

Thoracic and orthopedic problems

According to the news source, "Jeremy's upper body had collapsed, and the right half of his chest was crushed."

Trouble breathing and walking

Jeremy Renner was discovered to have orthopaedic injuries and acute chest trauma just hours after the event.

Chest reconstruction

According to reports, Jeremy's chest needed to be surgically rebuilt since the damage was so severe.

Minimum of two years

They predict that Jeremy Renner, who is 52 years old and in the prime of his career, will need at least two years to rehabilitate and return to health.

Two surgeries in 15 days

The actor had two procedures in 15 days, and although he was released for the time being, he might need to return to the hospital for another surgery.

and there's more surgery to come

The actor sustained severe damage to his legs, which will probably require additional surgery.

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