Former Ohio State quarterback who was a star could face jail time

Art Schlichter, a former great quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, has spent the most of the last few decades in prison for financial fraud

and theft resulting from a serious gambling addiction. It appears like he may be returning to a prison cell this week.

Art Schlichter was arrested for cocaine possession in October when police discovered him unconscious and covered in drug paraphernalia in a central Ohio hotel room. 

 At the time, it appeared that he had overdosed. The 62-year-old former Ohio State standout may now be sent back to prison as a result.

Schlichter's fate is currently in the judge's hands, according to his attorney Steven S. Nolder.Do we accept or reject that the infringement took place? 

They will be admitted obviously given the magnitude of the infractions, according to Nolder, as quoted by the Indy Star. The judge decides what punishment to apply.

According to the allegations, Schlichter may spend eight to 14 months in jail. The judge could, however, impose a shorter sentence or none at all.

Prior to his legal issues, Schlichter was a highly-regarded football player. In 48 games while he was a Buckeye from 1978 to 1981, he passed for 7,547 yards and 50 touchdowns. 

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