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Each Zodiac Sign's Most Negative Personality Trait

Aries Pushy, conceited, and defensive

Yes, a warrior, but the kind who gets extremely upset when they don't get their way.

Taurus Stubborn

That obstinate thing, yes. You people have the reputation of being the most stubborn creatures on existence.

Gemini  Indescisiveness

Not a particularly amorous sign, Sagittarius. not typically, that is. Fire signs aren't known for being overly self-absorbed

Cancer Lying

We all know you're a liar, Cancer, therefore that's what's wrong with you.

Leo  Bragging

Leo, what's wrong with you? You put on a show but don't always have the goods to support it.

Virgo Judgemental

There is no love lost in Virgo World.

Libra  Passive-aggressive

Our friend Libra, who will yes us to death only to silence us up, is passive-aggressive to the end.

You simply are too much, that much is true.

Scorpio Overwhelming

Sagittarius Isolated

Why don't we simply let you be happy for once and leave you alone?

Capricorn Repress Emotions

What's wrong with you is that you repeatedly repress your emotions until one day everything suddenly bursts out and starts flowing.

Aquarius Manipulator

You enjoy remaining silent. That's OK until we realise why you've been so quiet: you were plotting to have us destroyed.

Pisces Too sensitive

Why do enablers of all types adore a Pisces? since Pisces is the sign that is most susceptible to suggestion.

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