Each zodiac sign's biggest fear

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Aries fear of breaking up

While you pray that you'll never have a dull, boring life, your biggest fear is that your relationships aren't last

Taurus anxiety about consistency

You have a direction in mind for your life, and you make every effort to stay on it. 

Fear of failure in Gemini

You fear not being able to pursue your passions because you live for the opportunity to express yourself and your creativity.

Cancer fear of rejection

Due to your high level of emotional sensitivity, you have a remarkable capacity for empathy and compassion for other people.

Leo fear of being unappreciated

You give off the impression that you are a strong, self-assured person, and you actually are.

Virgo fear of disorganization

You belong to the group of people who consistently show up when they say they will. You manage things in a systematic, effective way.

Libra fear of confrontation

You detest conflict and confrontation and will go to any lengths to maintain harmony and keep everyone satisfied.

Scorpio fear of being exposed

Whatever obstacles are put in your path, you have the power to overcome them and change your life in the process.

Sagittarius fear of being controlled

You have an abundance of energy, are as free as a bird, and are creative. Although life is a wild ride, you can't get enough of it.

Capricorn fear of not being good enough

Nobody is more adept at making dreams come true than a Capricorn. You have the desire, drive, and aspiration to complete the task at hand.

Aquarius fear of losing a loved one

Aquarians worry that they won't be there for a loved one when they need them and that they will be cut off from their life.

Pisces  fear of criticism

The extremely sensitive and creative Pisces. Although you dislike criticism, you actually fear conflict.

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