Chiefs fans blast team's Super Bowl LVII celebration

On Wednesday, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their most recent Super Bowl victory.

As the champions marched to the beat of their own drum, the beers flowed and confetti showered on them.

Last week, Mahomes and the boys partied a lot. The two-time Super Bowl MVP was seen walking away after accidentally handing the Vince Lombardi Trophy to a fan. 

Tom Brady, who drank the avocado tequila at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl celebration in 2021, praised the action.Not all Chiefs supporters, though, approved of the behaviour.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Star published a number of letters to the editor from fans who expressed their disappointment with the beer-drinking celebration.

"The main justification for this is that a Chief who is intoxicated is not a good example for young admirers who are there to see their heroes.

Second, even the older spectators don't want to see inebriated athletes at this significant event. Third, tragic events occur when alcohol is involved "the writer wrote.

"Some Chiefs boasted on social media about how inebriated they were after the game.

 I feel bad for the players I supported because they could hardly move after getting off the bus. This spectacle undoubtedly generated news in other cities."

Another person objected to the message that it might be conveying to young fans.

"If there is a victory parade in the future, kindly consume your alcohol in private and subtly. Young people who are impressive deserve better role models than what you've shown them twice."

Another Chiefs supporter objected to the tomahawk chop. An activist who is Native American expressed concern about it in an opinion piece that was published just before the game.

When announcer Mitch Holthus stood onstage with the players and insisted that everyone join in the "Arrowhead chop" to conclude the celebration

 the person wrote, "I was super embarrassed for my city and the Chiefs organisation."

"The Chiefs ought to do everything in their power to safeguard their fantastic reputation by doing away with the chop.

All indications on Wednesday, however, were that they continue to actively promote it."

It is obvious that the Chiefs cannot please everyone, but given that Kansas City is well-equipped for future championship runs, there will likely be more time for whining.

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