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Bulldog Puppy Crying at Washing Machine 

 Young English bulldog puppy frantically trying to get his favourite "blankie" out of a washing machine has gone popular on TikTok 

The puppy was seen whimpering and barking while getting up to gaze into the washing machine.

A message was overlay on the film published from the TikTok account @maileevang0680 that read: "The washing machine is eating my blankie."

While the puppy in the most recent trending video may have resorted to sobbing over its preferred blanket, other dogs can become aggressively protective of certain objects.

Veterinarians Debra Horwitz and Gary Landsberg defined possessive aggression as aggression that is directed towards people or other animals that approach the dog 

while it is in possession of something that is highly desirable, such as a favourite chew toy, food, or treat, in an article for VCA, one of North America's largest animal hospital chains.

Dogs may actively guard unusual and highly desirable objects, including a tissue that has been stolen from a trash can, a beloved toy, human food, or a piece of rawhide.

This attachment might become particularly irrational with regard to novel objects. The peer-reviewed journal Animal Cognition published a study in November 2012 that claimed 

"Domestic dogs are reported to demonstrate acute but temporary neophilia towards unfamiliar items."

"Loss of interest in the object during object-oriented play in this species is due to habituation to the total stimulation qualities of the toy rather than to any particular sensory modality,"

The pup's expression in the most recent trending video captivated the hearts of TikTok enthusiasts.

"He's really cute with his little bark, I swear I think I watched this ten times," said user marieturner249

He is "SO ADORABLE OMG [weeping buckets of tears emoji]," as user phinabellina said, and "Ooooh he's a character," as expressed by user LieweLisie.

It's okay, baby, you'll get your blanket back, as stated by Sue Kerrigan40, and "Awwww such a cute baby [red heart emojis]," as stated by Nkhalsa79.

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