Based On Your Zodiac Sign, The Best Pet For You

Taurus - Tortoise

If you're a Taurus, you generally like taking things slowly and taking the time to get to know your surroundings and the natural world. Your ideal pet could be a tortoise!

Gemini - Parrot

The parrot is a natural ally of talkative Geminis in the animal world. An African Gray or other bird can keep a Gemini company all day.

Cancer - Hedgehog

Cancers might occasionally be a touch spiky, but they also enjoy being nurtured. A rescued hedgehog in need of some tender care might make the ultimate Cancer friend.

Leo - Chicken

Even the most attention-seeking Leo can't compete with a pet chicken when it comes to making a lot of cluck and fuss.

Virgo - Fish

For those Virgos who are picky about their living arrangements, a fish aquarium may be the perfect solution. Home decor and pets in one!

Libra - Rabbit

In addition to enjoying the beauty around them, balanced Libras enjoy both giving and receiving affection. A soft, adorable rabbit might make the best pet.

Scorpio - Snake

It takes courage to have a snake as a pet, but Scorpios don't typically get scared easily. A fiery Scorpio can be drawn to a snake's strange, even disturbing attraction.

Sagittarius - Horse

Horses are the ideal companion for adventurous, free-spirited Sagittarians because they love to go on journeys.

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