Apparently, an NFL owner wants his team to sign Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is reportedly the quarterback of choice for Mark Davis, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, to start as quarterback in 2023.

According to a former Raiders executive, Davis is 100% committed to signing Brady this offseason, but head coach Josh McDaniels might not be.

According to Jason Cole of OutKick, the former executive added, "Mark feels humiliated." When the Chiefs and Bears brought so many people to town last year, he was furious.

Now, it takes place each week. He desires that it end. Before Jon Gruden finally declined, he wanted Brady, and now he wants Brady once more.

Brady, 45, is in his final season of employment with Tampa Bay and will be a free agency this offseason. Before Week 17, the Raiders benched veteran quarterback Derek Carr

Despite having high expectations going into the year, Las Vegas is currently experiencing a terrible 6–10 season. 

Brady may find the team's arsenal of offensive tools, which still includes superstar wide receiver Davante Adams, alluring.

In this year's draught, should the Raiders select a young quarterback or go after a seasoned player like Brady?

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