A surprising destination for Tom Brady in 2023 has emerged.

Everyone who loves football is curious to see what Tom Brady will accomplish in 2023. After 23 successful seasons, will the quarterback retire, or will he play one more game 

He'll have a new and unexpected landing spot if he chooses this last option, which might improve his chances of taking home another title.

Rex Ryan, the former head coach of the New York Jets, disclosed that Brady may find a new home in 2023.

If the Washington Commanders hire Sean Payton as coach, he believes there is a chance he could sign on with the team.

Regarding the competition to sign Brady, Ryan said, "This is going to be a crazy one, but I'm telling ya, watch the Washington Commanders in this." "This is why I believe it is possible. 

There is a good chance that the ownership will change, and if that does, these owners won't be committed to that coach. Additionally, I can picture Tom Brady and Sean Payton.

"We talk about Miami, but it wasn't just Miami that was in contact with Brady; it was Sean Payton; they were going to get married.

So, if he doesn't immediately sign with the Raiders, I could possibly see that in the future. This is a possibility that I see.

The Commanders signed veteran quarterback Carson Wentz, but due to his numerous injuries, he hasn't lived up to the hype.

Regarding the new ownership Ryan mentions, there's a possibility that Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, purchases the team.

If that happens, they may assemble the ideal team for Brady, complete with Sean Payton, in an effort to persuade him to sign with them in 2023.

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