7 Types Of Friendship Every Woman Needs In Her Life

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1. Joys are enhanced

Nonverbal communication demonstrates pride in one another's accomplishments. Recognize the specifics of what makes a result or advancement noteworthy.

2. Problems are anticipated 

Complaining about difficulties and obstacles in life is mixed with investigation and rational discussion of ways to get past them.

3. Caring is expressed tangibly

Genuine concern for one another's welfare is demonstrated through attentive listening, targeted assistance, and considerate acts that do not foster dependency.

4. Openness and playfulness are present

Communication is characterised by appropriate frankness and good humour. 

This further supports the relative ease in handling problems and the inability to help due to other priorities, particularly for one's own needs and wants.

5. Capacities and strengths are developed and expressed

This is based on supporting one another's development and curiosity about novel and unusual circumstances and opportunities.

Red flags for one another are noted in order to avoid dangers and detours.

6. Differences provide opportunities for variety, learning and unlearning

Diverse experiences and interests open up new learning opportunities for one another.

As receptivity and relevance are attained, emphasis is placed on unlearning bad habits and restrictive tendencies.

7. Commitment is clear

Good friendships are sustained by the shared capacity to invest the necessary time, empathy,

and effort while accepting the cyclical nature of intimacy and sharing based on individual realities.

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