4 zodiac signs with the worst tempers

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1. Aries

They can get frustrated fast and are competitive. They become angry in response to disagreements and irritations.

They are not very patient. For instance, an Aries is likely to swear frequently while commuting to work in congested traffic or on the metro.

2. Cancer

Cancers are also doubtful and pessimistic. When arguing with their partner or friends, they are liable to have a major meltdown.

For instance, if a Cancer is not invited to a friend's party, she will probably text her the next day in a rage or perhaps take her to social media.

3. Leo

Leos struggle with maintaining composure. They are intense and loud.Even worse, they are easily agitated by the tiniest things.

Leos will likely get into a heated fight if, for instance, one of their friends borrows their clothing and returns it with a little stain.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios are brash and forceful. They are prone to being very irate when things don't go their way. Even some Scorpios have a reputation for violence!

Scorpios frequently yell and smash items during their fit of rage. The next time you are in its vicinity, exercise caution!

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