4 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best & Worst Super Bowl 2023

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Virgo: You’re Ready to Party

You have every excuse to leave the house on Super Bowl Sunday and go to a lively celebration. Even if you're not a huge football fan

the moon will be in your ninth house of faith, spontaneity, and expansion, encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone.

The drama will more than keep you interested, so don't pass up this chance to have a super fun Super Bowl. 

Pisces: You’re Feeling Lucky

Is it a coincidence that Rihanna is a Pisces and that Pisces are having a good day on Super Bowl Sunday? I disagree. 

Venus and Neptune are currently crossing over your ascendant, which makes you that much more alluring to those around you. 

You're missing out on all the admiration and positive attention you'll get if you're not attending a Super Bowl party or finding a way to make yourself the centre of the fun.

Taurus: You’re Feeling Uneasy

This year's Super Bowl has a nervous and frantic energy that you can feel, Taurus. After all, the moon will pass through your seventh house of friends 

and foes and pass over the illuminating South Node, emphasising the harsh realities of your interpersonal dynamics.

Additionally, the moon will be in opposition to Uranus in Taurus, so you might want to get ready for some unanticipated curveballs to be thrown your way. 

Scorpio: You’re Taking it Too Hard

You probably feel WAY less relaxed when people tell you to "relax" while you're watching the Super Bowl.

 Major mood swings may be inevitable during this year's Super Bowl as the moon will be in the sign of Scorpio and opposing the erratic Uranus. 

 If you find yourself placing all of your chips on the result, try to step back from it. Keep in mind to breathe because this game will likely be very close.

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