4 Zodiac Signs That Are Almost Impossible To Read

1. Aquarius 

It would be necessary to know beforehand that Aquarius is among the coldest and perhaps cruellest signs we have.

They can easily suppress any want to retaliate. Cold, difficult to read, aloof, and hostile describe Aquarius.

2. Capricorn 

Considering how professionally cool Capricorns are, you'll never be able to read them. Capricorn thrives in a world composed of brass tacks and firm, unemotional ideals 

because they dislike strong displays of emotion.This kind of activity cannot be achieved with emotions flying all over the place; it requires focus and nearly military precision.

3. Gemini 

Gemini is the sign that is best at keeping everything on their mind hidden among the other signs.

No matter what is happening, you will never be able to read your Gemini friend's facial expression.

They keep all of their knowledge inside, consider and balance what they need to know, and never display any emotion, not even when they fall in love.

4. Libra

Let to say it plainly: Libra had you misled from the start. They rely on their reputation as "good guys" until you ask them a personal question.

Libra does not like to give personal information out, and to avoid confrontation (Libra's deathly fear) they will show you a coldness so intense, you'll wonder if they are even human. 

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