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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be 'Dark Empaths'

1. Gemini 

The twins, a representation of duality for the air sign Gemini, are its symbol. Although the twins frequently contrast the physical and spiritual selves

Geminis frequently exhibit what appears to be two distinct personalities and have a propensity for deceit in order to achieve their goals.

Additionally, they frequently have emotional or angry outbursts, which can seriously damage any relationship.

2. Scorpio 

It should come as no surprise that Scorpio made this list since it is regarded as the zodiac sign with the darkest hue.

While this does not necessarily imply that every Scorpio will turn into a dark empath, it does highlight the fact that these traits are not only likely to be adapted but also attractive.

Scorpio is more likely to toe the line between morality and darkness because it enjoys playing in the shadows and frequently engages in taboo activities (or lack thereof).

3. Virgo

It might seem unlikely that Virgo, an earth sign, would be on this list, but when you mix healing prowess with a desire for power, you have the ideal recipe for the dark empath.

This also gives Virgos the impression of being quite angelic or pure, which is the ideal scenario for the wolf in sheep's clothing.

4. Sagittarius 

The interesting thing about Sagittarius as a dark empath is that it frequently assumes the role of the corrupt guru, coming across as the most spiritual

and "woke" person and charming you in all the right ways up until it is too late.

While Sagittarius enjoys experiencing everything life has to offer, they also do not want to lose anyone in case they later need them for something. 

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