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4 Astrological Signs Most Likely To Take Back Their Ex In 2023 

1) Aries: Nostalgia will take over


You might experience a surpise romance, a reunion, and an uncontrollable attraction to your ex in the first quarter of 2023.

2) Gemini: Ready to forgive and move on


In 2023, you will have lots of chances to experience romantic fulfilment. Additionally, after a potential reunion in June or July, you might relapse into your ex's arms in August!

3) Leo: On the lookout for balance and stability


After careful consideration, Venus retrograde in your sign from July 23 to September 3 may persuade you to turn around. This might motivate you to visit your ex in August for a sensual reunion.

4) Sagittarius: Will offer an olive branch


In 2023, your romantic life will be quite eventful, and Venus retrograde in the summer can bring your ex back to you on a silver platter. Can you avoid their eyes on you?

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