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3 Zodiac Signs Who Risk Everything For Love

1. Virgo

You've always been the kind of person who would sacrifice anything for the one they care about. You would remove people from your life if they requested it,

and you would break up with people if you believed doing so would make your partner happy.

2. Libra

You've been in relationships for a long time, and while some of them didn't mean much to you, the one you're in now makes you feel as though you'd do anything to keep it going...forever.

You are not going to let this person go, and even though that might necessitate some behavioural adjustments, you feel that this is a fair trade-off for the benefits you are receiving

3. Aquarius

You haven't been able to fully trust anyone, which is one of the reasons you haven't committed to any relationships.

In fact, if you had ever truly and completely trusted someone, you most likely wouldn't be the same person you are today, especially when it comes to love.

You're about to see the glimmer of trust in your lover's eyes today, when the Moon trines Uranus.